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My Acne Treatment Kit


Aside from having a hard time to get fit, one of my biggest challenges in life is having a good skin!

I’ve always had oily skin! Heck, I have the oiliest face in the world! I grew up thinking of this! I’ve also had a lot of zit moments! I remember texting my mother from another room to bring me to the derma cause i’m so sad or else I won’t go to school the next day! Zit moments a.k.a having spots on the face at an early age of 12! I got an early start with those tiny white heads on my huge forehead.That’s actually my main problem! Then the occasional large pus inflated ones that I get when life is being bitchy. I don’t mind it. Really. It’s not permanent. But the SCARS! I tell you! They’re still a problem for me until today!

Yes, I’ve gone to a lot of dermatologists all over Manila! Also tried most of the acne products sold in Mercury drug, Watson’s and even proactive! Some worked for a while. Some are a huge waste of money. But you never give up trying! Having a clear pimple free face is one of the best feelings in the world!

Fast forward today. In my twenties and slightly zit free (but not scar free!). I still get them but rarely. I found the best derma after almost a decade of searching! She gave me the best treatment and no, it’s not something you put on the face! It’s a pill that actually attacks your system inside. Some people do not realize but their zits are caused by their hormones and what’s inside their body so creams, toners, ointments can only do so little. She actually told me i’d just waste my money putting xxx and xxx products if I want to totally cure my acne.

Again, I still get pimples but only the tiny ones. Thank God, it’s been a long time since i’ve experienced that big red one and I don’t miss it at all.

So what I do when I get pimples? I still put some stuff on my face!

Over the counter: Benzac AC Gel from Mercury Drug and Avène Diacnéal blemish lotion

From my derma: Acne lotion, acne cream, acne ointment

Derma goodies! They’re inexpensive and effective (unlike from my old derma’s lol)

Benzac gel: One of the few over the counter products I like!                                                                  

Diacneal:  Got mine from the derma who’s selling it but you can purchase this in some stores and online. A bit pricey though.

I do use a facial wash! I use celeteque facial wash regularly. I’ve tried a lot of over the counter products but this works the most! I get red allergy like spots from Pond’s. I also use Nivea because I like the after effect but I get whiteheads when I use it regularly.

Remember that skincare is not just the wash, toners and creams! Make-up, daily hygiene and food intake plays a big big part!

Since it’s the summer and the heat is a bitch, most of the time, I just wash my face, put sunblock and gel/cream blush for a natural look.

What’s your Acne/Zit kit?

  • http://facebook leo anthony

    i want some to my acne blemish

  • carmi

    where is your derma located? pls reply. THANKS! :))

    • Roanna

      Dra. Jasmin Jamora of Makati Med and St. lukes or her mom, the legendary Dra. Sylvia Jacinto Jamora at their own clinic and drugstore at batangas street makati. it’s called skin clinic. She’s the former head of phil. derma society.

  • http://facebook leo anthony